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This past Sunday I was in the kitchen the whole day baking 3 Tart Tatin’s and 3 Banana Chiffon Cakes, to give them to my friends and neighbors as a holiday treat. Thank you very much for all your help when I needed– Auntie Wang, Amy, Angela, Mrs. Kang, Lily, Nancy Wong, Romero family, and Andy & Nancy. You all are very nice people and I’m blessed to have you as my friends and neighbors!

Tart Tatin

Tart Tatin-- I wanted to wrap them up nicely like banana chiffon cake but wasn't able to do it as it was already delivery time and the pies were still very warm.

Banana Chiffon Cakes

Banana Chiffon Cakes in Christmas gift packaging.

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Reminder to all: April 15 is less a month away… DON’T FORGET TO FILE YOUR TAXES!

Reminder to Richard: April 16 is less a month away too… you know what to do! 😉

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New Header Image

I don’t like the misty look image that comes with the theme but just don’t have the time to change it.  Well today I finally get rid of it and put a much better picture in its place. It’s a snapshot of my backyard garden in spring. I love all the colors of the flowers… can’t wait till they all bloom again!

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Chinese New Year is on Jan 26, 2009. Since we aren’t going back to Malaysia for CNY this year, I really miss all the CNY goodies– pineapple tartlets, kuih bangkit, peanut cookies, green pea cookies, seaweed (nori) crisps, spicy hae bee rolls, pork floss rolls, shrimp/fish chips (keropok), happy joys(conflake crunch) etc… I’ve been trying to make some at home but with 3 young children to take care and only a pair of hand, I can’t get all the goodies made closer to New Year to keep them fresher. I have to phase my time– making a kind or two at a time, but then the goodies are all gone way before CNY:)  I made happy joys the other day and it’s all gone the next day. I made spicy hae bee rolls today and doubt it will last over a week… Maybe I should do what my friend Tina did with christmas cookies– make all the goodies in one day, ALL DAY. Yeah…, that’s what I’m gonna do, probably on the weekend right before CNY. Since I put all the energy and thoughts on new year snacks, not much thinking on the New Year’s Eve Reunion dinner yet… hmmm, what’s sounds good?

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Wish you all a very–








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