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At meal times

Alexander always likes stories. You can often see him flipping books at a corner. Every night after his Chinese lessons with me, he always asks for daddy for story time before going to bed. Recently, Alexander has been requesting stories at meal times. Since he is such a slower eater and always ends up feeded at the end, I figure the story request can be a motivation to have him self feeded and also speed up his eating time.

At first I just made up some silly animal stories and later we moved on to colors (i.e. blue+red=purple etc… what things are in purple etc) then back to animals again– but more on animal facts (i.e. physical features, what do they eat etc…). I usually started telling a little to get Alexander interested, then I would point at his food and said, “Take 3 big bites and I will tell you more… I want BIG bites…” I asked him questions to make him stay focused. I also wrote down Chinese characters (that corespond to the subjects) on paper, have him pointed at the characters to start the conversation on that sujbect. 

So far this method works. Alexander is doing pretty good job feeding himself and he enjoys having conversations at the table. For me it’s a new trick learned. It is less frustrated for both of us as I don’t have to count to 3 for every single bite. Parenting, parenting, parenting… it’s a matter of endless learning for the moms and dads!

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That little hand on the door…

Two days ago, things were pretty much the same as every afternoon. Ethan was up from his nap and playing happily by himself in his room. I was catching a little TV after I was done busy in the kitchen. Then I heard a door opening sound from the baby monitor. The door was opened, then closed… then it opened and closed again for a few more times. I went to Ethan’s room, standing quietly outside next to the door, watching the door handle being pulled down. This time it wasn’t closed… instead, I saw a little hand on the door and here came my little Ethan, giving me a big smile and trying to tell me of his new discovery… I smiled back, gave him a big hug and a big kiss. Little Ethan is growing up everyday, healthy and happy. I love you, Ethan. Thank you for being a part of my life. xoxoxo

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Even though Ethan is only 13 months old and 2 1/2 years younger than his brother Alexander, he sure knows how to fight with brother already. During last several days Richard and I have been observing the two boys while they’re playing together. What we saw is that when Alexander wouldn’t let Ethan play with the toy(s), Ethan would pull Alexander’s hair. This happened several times. Sometimes Alexander got away but there were times that made him cry.

Richard and I were laughing because back then when Alexander wasn’t nice to his little baby brother, we told him that one of these day he would have a payback from Ethan… and here it came! Yeah, this is probably shouldn’t be funny… as a matter of fact, I can already see the trouble in the future! Sigh…

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