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Alexander finished his breakfast this morning in less than 10 minutes!! Wow!!!… He had a piece of blueberry waffle, a slice of cheese, a cup of milk and a can of yogurt. Normally it would take him 30 minutes to finish all these food (with my assistance towards the end of the meal). Not only he finished the whole meal without me counting 1-2-3, he did it all by himself! For the first time he finished his food before his little brother Ethan, who just eats non-stop. I was surprisingly happy with Alexander and I rewarded him with several raspberry cream filled cookies afterwards.

Now I wish Alexander will be acting like this at the table at all times. But of course it didn’t happen. Oh well, if he is behaving well at all times then I won’t be blogging this, will I?

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10 years…

August 27th, 1996– that’s the day I became Mrs. Chennault. I can’t believe 10 years have passed since then. I remember back then when Richard and I got married, we were both still college students and we were dating for only 1 1/2 years before marriage. The marriage was a big step for both of us considering we pretty much have nothing in common (language, culture, personality etc.) but we made it through every rough times. We talked and talked and talked. In these 10 years we (especially Richard) worked hard to make our life better than before– we purchased our first 4 door VW Passat, first home sweet home and later upgraded to a bigger one. We were eating out at nice places quite a bit, travelliing at least once a year. Life couldn’t be better. We had several years to just enjoy our life without kids and of course more "talking" along the way. The last 3 years was just flying by after Alexander was born followed by Ethan. I always considered myself a very lucky woman. I have a very smart husband who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, and doesn’t like to gamble… and because of him we can afford what we are having now without me getting a job outside. I am lucky and blessed too to have 2 adorable little boys in my life.

Thank you my love for giving me 10 wonderful years of memories. I am really proud of you for all your contributions towards this family. I looking forward to the next 10 year anniversary. I want us to still holding hand in hand and snuggling even when we are both old and full of grey hairs. I wouldn’t know what to do without you around my side. I shed my tears every time when I think of the moments we’ll be parting forever… I love you.

p/s: Thanks to our nice neighbor Andy and Nancy for babysitting the boys, we had a chance to celebrate our first 10 year together (dinner + movie).

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Ethan is One!

Ethan just turned one year old few days ago on August 10th. I can’t believe time flies so fast… seems like Ethan was just born not too long ago and here he is celebrating his very first birthday. Oh, yes we had a birthday party for Ethan and everyone had a good time. During cake time, Ethan was a little shocked and confused with everyone looking at him and don’t quite know what to do with the blue round thing(the cake) on the table. So he ended up sitting on Richard’s lap and had the cake fed. Ethan was not as messy as we all want him to be, only blue lips leaved by the cake frosting. Here are something about little Ethan Daniel at this age, something to make me smile from the bottom of my heart in the years to come:

    • Ethan now has 4 front teeths on the top and 2 at the bottom front.
    • First started walking around 11 months and now is walking everywhere inside the house, but doesn’t like to walk outdoor.
    • Just started climbing onto sofas these couple of weeks.
    • loves to have company, especially playing with him… cries when he sees nobody around him.
    • A sreamer with attitude. When he’s in a bad mood and I’m not holding him, he will sit on the floor and cry, then he will lean his body foward touching the floor. but sometimes he leans too fast and ends up bang his head on the floor and more crying… makes me laugh sometimes(I’m mean huhImage!!).
    • Very quick at imitating people’s behaviour (facial expressions, hand gestures).
    • Loves to walk around the island counter in the kitchen. Every now and then will stop next to me and pad me on my leg with mouth opens wide saying “Aaawwhhh…”.
    • Loves to chew Nemo memory cards and Thomas puzzle pieces.
    • Swallowed a rubber band when he was around 9 months old.
    • Once opened the dishwasher, stood on the top of the door, pulled out a spoon from inside and started playing with it.
    • Loves taking out diapers from drawer in the family room.
    • Climbed onto Alexander’s train table (about 1 1/2 feet high) few times.
    • Constantly eating. Follows wherever the food is. Does not accept the fact that the food is finished and will throw a fit sometimes.
    • Never quite a nice sleeper. You can find him sleeping in all kinds of directions and positions. Also like to pull out his socks and throw them into the gap between the crib and the wall where it’s hard to reach by hands.
    • Does not have any favorites or habits at sleeping time, making him fuzzier sometimes when put down.
    • Not the type that falls asleep easily and morning nap schedule is not very good– I’m trying to make him stay awake all morning and let him have a long stretchy 3 hr afternoon nap.
    • Giggles when Alexander is chasing him. He also laughs so hard when his big brother doing some silly things ( like dropping magnetic alphabets from the head) in front of him.
    • Loves bath time and always whins when daddy/mommy takes him out of the tub.

These are what makes Ethan unique as he is. I love you my little precious. You have brought so much joy to us and we are so very blessed to have you in our family.

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