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Yesterday Richard and I had the chance to go hang out with our friends for dinner without the kids (Thanks to Billy for babysitting!). It was a birthday dinner for Jen but since my birthday and Eppenbergers’ wedding anniversary are around the corner we decided to celebrate all together. Too bad the Nishihiras couldn’t make it (poor Bella 😦 ). We went to P.F. Chang’s and the food was good especially Oolong marinated sea bass. We all had a wonderful time. After that we went home bath the kids and put them to bed and headed to the movie (Thanks again Billy for babysitting!). It was 300 on IMAX– very powerful; we both enjoyed it quite a bit.

Today initially we wanted to drive down to Monterey and stay there for a night as a very short family vacation, but decided to postpone the trip until we plan it more thoroughly. So we pretty stay home all day except for running for errands. The Eppenbergers stopped by this afternoon and hang out  with us for quite a while. The kids had fun playing together. I love hearing Lane keep saying “Mommy… Mommy… Mommy…,”. Today also reminds me of YaYa–a year ago it was one of my toughest days in my life and I don’t think I could ever forget that day. I usually don’t think about it as I’m always busy with the house and the kids but there are moments, moment like this, that tears coming down from my eyes… (take a deep breath) Life!

Tomorrow I would be 33. When I was little birthday was always special because the family got to eat out at restaurant to celebrate and there was birthday red packet money. Now that I have grown up I find birthday is just like many other days, no much thought about it. I’m okay with the 30ish. 40 is a little panicking but it’s not until another 7 years. Oh, tomorrow is also the Eppenbergers’ wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary guys and good job picking your wedding date!

To love, and to life… Cheers!

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