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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms in the world– including my mom, Richard’s mom, my sister Jasmine, Cindy and Selina, my friend Tina, Jen, Shelly, Melissa, Amy, Jing (who just became a mom on May 9th!) and many others. You guys are terrific!

We didn’t do anything special as the whole family is not quite in the celebrating mood– we all seem to have flu/allergy or combination of both so we’ve been taking things easy and trying to get more rest. The only spot light of the day was getting more fish for our new family aquarium. We went to Great Bay Aquarium on Hesperian Blvd. It is a nice store with quite some exotic salt water fishes and LOTS of live coral– they are pretty but kind of expensive. When we went inside the store we saw a fish swallowing a smaller fish… too bad we didn’t have the camera to capture the scene. Alexander wanted to buy Nemo and Dori and Bubble but they are all salt water fish. Too bad we just set up our aquarium otherwise salt water tank with live coral and exotic fish is really tempting… In the end we bought 2 colorful Glass fish, one Danio and one lobster to join other 4 fish in the tank. We will be adding another 3-5 fish in the next couple of weeks… it’s gonna be cool watching all the fish swimming around.

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The weather today is HOT and we are talking May here. We live by the bay and there’s always wind and breeze, so if I say hot here that means it is REALLY hot! Of course the allergy doesn’t help at all. Alexander seems to have some level of allergy too from the observation yesterday… sigh!


We bought a Beta fish for Alexander’s birthday months ago but it seems so lonely just by itself. So we decided yesterday to get some more fish since the kids love watching fish. When we came out of the pet store we ended up buying a starter kit 10 gallon tank too (cost justification reason) and spent most of the afternoon setting up the aquarium. Guess what: the Beta still doesn’t get to join in– we bought a couple of Guppy fish that would cause fight between them because of similar looks– but they are too pretty to pass… Can’t wait till next weekend to buy some more fish!!


Several weeks ago I bought some hot pepper plants, a Japanese eggplant bush and a vine tomato plant for Alexander. I think it will be a fun science project for Alexander– he will get to water the tomato plants, watch it grow, pick the tomatoes and eat them too!


Since we enrolled Ethan for swimming lessons he’s been missing several classes, but he’s improving especially during the last 2 sessions. He doesn’t cling as much and float on his tummy just fine, sometimes kicked his feet a little and started to like jumping into the water. One time he watched me blowing bubbles and wanted to do it too… so cute! Alexander on the other hand doesn’t like swimming lessons with the coach. He only wants either Richard or me teaching him swimming. Oh well, I guess being a parent includes EVERYTHING! 🙂

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