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Alexander’s Way


Alexander's way magnify

My older son Alexander is quite particular about something sometimes. You’ll see why: It’s pretty hot today so at evening time we opened the windows in all rooms to let the breeze in. Well, before going to bed Alexander wanted the window in his room closed. I said ok since he sleeps with the door open and the breeze can come in from the other room across the hallway. Hours later, he came out of his room and requested to have that window closed too!
It reminds me of him dealing with his blanket. Before Alexander would lay his blanket NICELY so the blanket would cover the four corner of the bed. There were times when he cried in the middle of the night because he got frustrasted trying to cover the bed– what happened is that during those times, the blanket he was using is for toddler bed and so it is shorter. When he tried to cover the end corners then the blanket wouldn’t be long enough to cover himself and the top corners of course. It took me quite some time to explain this to him. I also remember one incident that happened in my parents’ house in Malaysia. We were all sleeping in the same room (Alexander sleeping on the 6" mattress/pad on the floor). During my sleep I heard some noise so I opened my eyes– I saw Alexander up and laying the quilt flat and nice all around the edge of the mattress, then he slowly slided himself into the quilt from the pillow side so the blanket did not mess up! My brother told me that he might learn this "style" from watching cartoons at some point– that is how cartoon dog/cat/mouse usually sleeps…
It’s cute and silly and I’m blogging this so that I’d remember to tell Alexander this and other weird stuff when he gets older…

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Omelet, carmelized bananas and yogurt

Breakfast: Omelet, carmelized bananas and yogurt

During weekends, I love to cook good breakfast like this one for my family. Pictured here is tomato, basil and mozzarella omelet accompanied with 2 sides– yogurt with mixed berries topping and fried banana slices. Breakfast like this one is a good choice if you want to enjoy breakfast but still want to be hungry for lunch few hours later– the meatless omelet is light and with yogurt and banana slices plus a glass of coffee/juice/milk, the proportion is just right to start the morning.
Regina’s tips:
1. I love to have fruits as part of breakfast. Berries works very well with yogurt and they give a very colorful presention on the plate.
2. I only use 1/2 can of yogurt per person but loaded up with lots of fruits because of 3 reasons: first is to eat more fruits rather than yogurt, second being Richard can still enjoy this side dish without so concerned with his yogurt carb intake, and the last one is I don’t want to have a big side dish (I still want to be hungry for lunch in a few hours, remember?…)
3. If you have some over ripe bananas (the skin is getting brown), try pan frying them (slice into 1/2″ thick and pan fry in the pan with a little oil until the bananas are turning transparent and caramelized on the surface)– they are GOOD!
4. To save time, cook the omelet first. While the food is still cooking then prepare the yogurt and bananas.
5. I happened to have some caviar and cilantro so I use them on top of omelet for presentation.

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Who am I? (inspired by my friend Mamazilla Tina)

Months ago I read about a post by my friend Tina about a self identity of a mother (you can read her blog here: Who are you?). And few days before reading Tina’s blog Richard happened to ask me what I like and what I don’t like. So, I think it’ll be good to tell you here a little this and that about myself:

  • I love cooking, eating, swimming, travelling, social/ballroom dancing (hmm…when is the last time I had a good dance Image)
  • Sometimes I think about doing some catering for friends to make some extra money.
  • I also think about opening a small Chinese preschool class.
  • I like summer and spring much better than winter and fall.
  • For ants, there is no mercy.
  • Colors are great except for dark ones.
  • I am a savory, crunchy, spicy kind of girl. Chocolates are wonderful I’m sure but just never get to know them well. I only like bittersweet ones…
  • I love to see different parts of the world, still get excited every time when I board a plane!
  • Totally not good/interested in sports because I can never remember the rules of the game…
  • Don’t count on me for direction!
  • Usually hate rains unless there’s no rain for 2 weeks straight with daily temp. 80-90 degree F and 80-90 percent humidity.
  • Would love to go for a cruise trip one of these days… and also a trip to African safari, oh and Egypt for the pyramids tooImage… okay, I’d better stop here.
  • Maybe one day I will learn a different language (sign, Jap, Spanish etc).
  • or maybe one day I will learn interior design/ home decorating.
  • how about going to some cullinary schools??
  • When I have more free time I would really love to learn Chinese art painting and Chinese calligraphy– that probably ’till my children are older.
  • I get very cranky when I’m very hungry or tired.
  • On Mondays, I always tell myself it’d be ok if I can make it to Wednesday. On Wednesdays, I would tell myself Friday is not that far away.
  • I think there should be more federal holidays observed during the first half of the year.
  • To me numbers are much more interesting than alphabets.
  • I always wonder how does a spa + massage treatment feel like… hmmmImage
  • I’m trying not to "fine tuning" things (making things perfect that is) or it’ll drive everyone crazy!– Richard helps and supports me alot. Thanks sweetheart!
  • I like to spend older/dirtier dollar bills before newer/cleaner ones. If I have to spend brand new dollar bills, I would sometimes crumple the bill and then flat it out– then it wouldn’t be a new bill and I can "let it go"!

Well, the list goes on and on and probably never ends. So, know me any better?

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