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Recently I have been having fun making Italian food. I made some focaccia bread, seafood linguine and now the angel hair pasta. Originally I just wanted lemon shrimp, but Richard and I are both garlic lovers so why not tossed in some roasted  garlic. It was very delicious– a good choice when I want something light as I used extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice makes it refreshing. Oh, I didn’t have parsley on hand so here came my green onion for the green touch.

Angelhair pasta Shrimp & Roasted Garlic

Angel hair Pasta with Shrimp & Roasted Garlic

Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp & Roasted Garlic Ingredients:
(I cook based upon estimation on the portion of ingredients, pls adjust to suit your taste)
Deveined shrimps (sliced in half if they are too big)
Fresh garlic– finely chopped
Fresh lemon juice
Roasted garlic
Salt & Pepper
Chili flakes

Cooked angel hair pasta


Heat up pan and pour some olive oil. Add in shrimps. Season with salt and pepper and saute until shrimps are almost cooked. Add in freshly chopped garlic, chili flakes and continue cooking until aroma comes out. Add in cooked angel hair pasta, drizzle lemon juice and give it a few toss. Taste to adjust seasoning accordingly. Lastly toss in roasted garlic and serve hot. Bon appetite!

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