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My new hobby-- Chinese calligraphy and Chinese brush painting

This is a sample of my works (students' exhibit) displayed at the school Open House. Click the picture for larger view.

So, this is what I enjoy besides stirring up in the kitchen. Actually I am always interested in Chinese calligraphy and brush painting, but just didn’t come across the opportunity until Alexander’s Chinese school offered this class last year.

Yeap I’m for sure a lot busier now as I have to squeeze in some precious time in the already busy schedule to do my homework. Let me tell you it’s all about strategic time planning to make it happen… if there’s will there’s a way. I really like it– this is something I do for myself and I feel really good about it. If you are interested in something, go for it as you won’t know what will bring out of you until you try it out (Oh, no BAD stuff please! :))

I’ll be setting a profile and starts posting all my works to track my learning progress. I hope you like it too like I do!

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Holiday laughs from our family to yours!


Alexander: Daddy, how old is Santa?

Daddy: very old, very very old….

Alexander: 70..? Older than yeh-yeh and poh-poh and grandma…? 90..? 100…?

Daddy(busy washing dishes): I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him…write him a letter…

Alexander: I can’t. Brian Williams said we can’t send him letters anymore…

(Note: before this conversation, while we all were watching NBC Nightly News one day, the anchor Brian Williams said that Letters to Santa Program had been cancelled due to some unpleasant replies from Santa…)


(This conversation took place while we were eating our dinner)

Alexander: Does Santa come to California?

Daddy: Yes.

Alexander:… to United States?

Mama: Of course…. Santa goes wherever there’s children to give them presents.

Daddy: Santa goes everywhere in the world… except North Korea.

Alexander: Why?

Daddy (glanced at Mama across the table): … because they don’t open the door for Santa!


Besides other toys, Alexander and Ethan both got 2 leapster cartridges each this year for Christmas. When he saw all the cartridges on the floor he said,” Santa stole all the cartridges in the store!“…

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Me vs. Facebook

I do not have a Facebook account. I do not need one– it’s just one less username and password that I have to remember, and I am just as happy without it. But the problem is, more and more people are using Facebook, including more and more of my friends. I just had an email reminder (from Facebook of course)  that at least 8 of my friends had invited me to join Facebook. When I clicked on their Facebook photo icon, just to check out their photos, I couldn’t do it because I don’t have a damn Facebook account! Now this is pissing me off. Why can’t Facebook be like Flickr in a way that allows friends to (at least) view photos without signing up? To me Facebook is like a religion (or even worse)– I have to join the “religion” in order to see who’s out there… Feeling forced to join a religion– not a good thing. And as such, I am protesting Facebook!

Dear friends and family, you guys are not making it easy for me… sigh.

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The weather today is HOT and we are talking May here. We live by the bay and there’s always wind and breeze, so if I say hot here that means it is REALLY hot! Of course the allergy doesn’t help at all. Alexander seems to have some level of allergy too from the observation yesterday… sigh!


We bought a Beta fish for Alexander’s birthday months ago but it seems so lonely just by itself. So we decided yesterday to get some more fish since the kids love watching fish. When we came out of the pet store we ended up buying a starter kit 10 gallon tank too (cost justification reason) and spent most of the afternoon setting up the aquarium. Guess what: the Beta still doesn’t get to join in– we bought a couple of Guppy fish that would cause fight between them because of similar looks– but they are too pretty to pass… Can’t wait till next weekend to buy some more fish!!


Several weeks ago I bought some hot pepper plants, a Japanese eggplant bush and a vine tomato plant for Alexander. I think it will be a fun science project for Alexander– he will get to water the tomato plants, watch it grow, pick the tomatoes and eat them too!


Since we enrolled Ethan for swimming lessons he’s been missing several classes, but he’s improving especially during the last 2 sessions. He doesn’t cling as much and float on his tummy just fine, sometimes kicked his feet a little and started to like jumping into the water. One time he watched me blowing bubbles and wanted to do it too… so cute! Alexander on the other hand doesn’t like swimming lessons with the coach. He only wants either Richard or me teaching him swimming. Oh well, I guess being a parent includes EVERYTHING! 🙂

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Yesterday Richard and I had the chance to go hang out with our friends for dinner without the kids (Thanks to Billy for babysitting!). It was a birthday dinner for Jen but since my birthday and Eppenbergers’ wedding anniversary are around the corner we decided to celebrate all together. Too bad the Nishihiras couldn’t make it (poor Bella 😦 ). We went to P.F. Chang’s and the food was good especially Oolong marinated sea bass. We all had a wonderful time. After that we went home bath the kids and put them to bed and headed to the movie (Thanks again Billy for babysitting!). It was 300 on IMAX– very powerful; we both enjoyed it quite a bit.

Today initially we wanted to drive down to Monterey and stay there for a night as a very short family vacation, but decided to postpone the trip until we plan it more thoroughly. So we pretty stay home all day except for running for errands. The Eppenbergers stopped by this afternoon and hang out  with us for quite a while. The kids had fun playing together. I love hearing Lane keep saying “Mommy… Mommy… Mommy…,”. Today also reminds me of YaYa–a year ago it was one of my toughest days in my life and I don’t think I could ever forget that day. I usually don’t think about it as I’m always busy with the house and the kids but there are moments, moment like this, that tears coming down from my eyes… (take a deep breath) Life!

Tomorrow I would be 33. When I was little birthday was always special because the family got to eat out at restaurant to celebrate and there was birthday red packet money. Now that I have grown up I find birthday is just like many other days, no much thought about it. I’m okay with the 30ish. 40 is a little panicking but it’s not until another 7 years. Oh, tomorrow is also the Eppenbergers’ wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary guys and good job picking your wedding date!

To love, and to life… Cheers!

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A Quick Update of the Latest

For the last few weeks I have been busy– since early February, I have been busy taking care of my sick boys, then I got sick (around Chinese New Year.. bummer!), then making Jenna’s birthday cake, followed by Richard’s mom visit, then Alexander’s birthday cake and party, and now taking care of Alexander as he is sick again. The flu hit him hard this time. As for myself I don’t think I fully recovered from the illness before as I still have some coughing from last time… and guess what: Ethan started a little coughing this morning… sigh!

Now everything is back to normal life. Time for me to rest. The weather has been nice these couple of days but I don’t want to take chances going outside, so simply staying at home. I can’t wait for the whole family to get healthy so we can enjoy the nice spring weather outside.

I will do some postings later on Jenna’s cake, Alexander’s cake, both boy’s doctor’s checkup stuff like that… check back soon.

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Side tracked

I remember it was 9:03pm. I was at the computer checking our friends’ photos, and there was none. So I just randomly clicked on interesting photos that strangers uploaded to flickr. Then later I was searching for cake photos, but one cake photo leaded to other family pictures of the stranger(s). When I was at someone’s photostream, I just couldn’t help clicking pages after pages of the photos (good photos/boring photos/holiday photos etc). If there is a desdription I even tried to figure out who is who in the photos! Next thing I knew it’s already 10:41pm. All this hour and a half I could have taken down the Xmas ornaments, brushed my teeth or watched TV…

Yeap, this is me when I got side tracked. Crazy huh!?! ;P

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