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According to the time on my computer, it is now 11:59pm on Dec 31, 2009… Just heard some fireworks going on. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!


Okay, back to business. This is my quick version of Malaysian ‘Lor Mee’ (a type of noodle dish with dark gravy). All is done in a wok; there’s no need to precook noodles separately thus making cleaning easy. Alexander loves noodles and this is one of his favorite. He always eats it with drizzle of black vinegar.

In the wok: Malaysian 'Lor Mee'

In the wok: Malaysian 'Lor Mee'

Malaysian ‘Lor Mee’ Recipe

Ingredients(depends on the amount of noodles cooked then adjust the rest of ingredients accordingly):
uncooked fresh egg noodles— don’t use thick Shanghai noodles or it will take a very long time and lots of hot water to cook.
fish balls– rinse 2-3 times then slice in half
shrimps– shelled and deveined
lean pork– thinly sliced, season with your regular meat seasoning (mine is salt, white pepper, sesame oil and cornstarch water)
choy sum– washed and cut into 3 inches long
2 cloves garlic– finely chopped

gravy seasoning:
dark soy sauce
light soy sauce or salt
ground white pepper
chicken bouillon powder (optional)

hot water– enough to soak the uncooked noodles

thickening agent: cornstarch water– to thicken the gravy if necessary


  1. Lightly pan fry fish balls in a heated deep wok and dish out, keep the wok on high heat.
  2. Add garlic and saute until aromatic, add pork and stir to loose up. Quickly add hot water to the wok, then add noodles and stir to loose up. Add gravy seasoning to taste.
  3. Turn the heat down to medium/ medium high and let the noodles cook, stir occasionally. If desired, cover wok with lid to cook the noodles faster. Add more hot water if necessary.
  4. When the noodles is almost done, add choy sum and shrimps, and cook until shrimps are just cooked. During cooking the sauce will thicken, but if it’s still too watery at this point, add cornstarch water to thicken the gravy.
  5. Turn off heat and stir in fried fish balls (adding fish balls at last will prevent it from turning brown). Serve with black vinegar (drizzle desired amount and mix with the noodles), fresh hot peppers and/or pickled hot peppers.

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