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French Apple Tart

French Apple Tart

French Apple Tart: recipe by Barefoot Contessa

I was watching Barefoot Contessa on Foodnetwork and Alexander suddenly grabbed a pencil and piece of paper and started writing down the recipe as we watched along (with many pauses of course). He said he was writing down the recipe so I could make it:). I originally wasn’t into it , but for the hard work that Alexander put in to write the ingredients and steps of making it, I decided to give it a try.

Some recipes calls for round tart with apple slices fanned out and formed a flower at the center. But this version of Ina Garten is a rectangular tart with apple slices fanned out diagnoc pattern. I made some changes to the tart pastry by adding some ground almond, and I just rolled it out to be roughly rectangular without any trimming. Apple slices certainly made beautiful presentation. However, I think the oven temperature stated in the recipe is too high. My tart pastry was pretty much burnt except for a few spots:( The apples didn’t taste as good as they look, kind of plain in my opinion… I still prefer apples in Tart Tatin. Sorry Ina, but hey at least I tried…

I suddenly got an idea: There are some yellow peaches on the trees in the backyard, maybe I’ll make a peach with almond cream tart, using similar design…

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