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Holiday laughs from our family to yours!


Alexander: Daddy, how old is Santa?

Daddy: very old, very very old….

Alexander: 70..? Older than yeh-yeh and poh-poh and grandma…? 90..? 100…?

Daddy(busy washing dishes): I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him…write him a letter…

Alexander: I can’t. Brian Williams said we can’t send him letters anymore…

(Note: before this conversation, while we all were watching NBC Nightly News one day, the anchor Brian Williams said that Letters to Santa Program had been cancelled due to some unpleasant replies from Santa…)


(This conversation took place while we were eating our dinner)

Alexander: Does Santa come to California?

Daddy: Yes.

Alexander:… to United States?

Mama: Of course…. Santa goes wherever there’s children to give them presents.

Daddy: Santa goes everywhere in the world… except North Korea.

Alexander: Why?

Daddy (glanced at Mama across the table): … because they don’t open the door for Santa!


Besides other toys, Alexander and Ethan both got 2 leapster cartridges each this year for Christmas. When he saw all the cartridges on the floor he said,” Santa stole all the cartridges in the store!“…

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Why? Go ask him…

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10 years…

August 27th, 1996– that’s the day I became Mrs. Chennault. I can’t believe 10 years have passed since then. I remember back then when Richard and I got married, we were both still college students and we were dating for only 1 1/2 years before marriage. The marriage was a big step for both of us considering we pretty much have nothing in common (language, culture, personality etc.) but we made it through every rough times. We talked and talked and talked. In these 10 years we (especially Richard) worked hard to make our life better than before– we purchased our first 4 door VW Passat, first home sweet home and later upgraded to a bigger one. We were eating out at nice places quite a bit, travelliing at least once a year. Life couldn’t be better. We had several years to just enjoy our life without kids and of course more "talking" along the way. The last 3 years was just flying by after Alexander was born followed by Ethan. I always considered myself a very lucky woman. I have a very smart husband who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, and doesn’t like to gamble… and because of him we can afford what we are having now without me getting a job outside. I am lucky and blessed too to have 2 adorable little boys in my life.

Thank you my love for giving me 10 wonderful years of memories. I am really proud of you for all your contributions towards this family. I looking forward to the next 10 year anniversary. I want us to still holding hand in hand and snuggling even when we are both old and full of grey hairs. I wouldn’t know what to do without you around my side. I shed my tears every time when I think of the moments we’ll be parting forever… I love you.

p/s: Thanks to our nice neighbor Andy and Nancy for babysitting the boys, we had a chance to celebrate our first 10 year together (dinner + movie).

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