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Assorted sushi rolls

Assorted sushi rolls

Caterpillar Roll

Sushi: Caterpillar Roll

I learned making sushi from my friend Amy. The pictures shown above are the ones I made for New Year’s Eve party (I know… it’s while ago) at our house. The assorted rolls include california rolls (crab salad+avocado), Philadelphia rolls (smoked salmon+cream cheese+avocado) and unagi rolls (eel+cucumber+avocado). Caterpillar Roll is just unagi roll with avocado slices on the top. Our friends the Empenbergers couldn’t make it to the party so I made them some M & M Rolls (mango salad+macadamia nuts) later on separate date. M & M Roll is one of my favorite and I wish I could show you the picture… okay, I’ll try to remember the camera next time before finishing all up 🙂

If you notice, all my sushi rolls do not have raw fish. That’s because I don’t want to take risk by buying fish from regular fish store, not even sushi graded fish. The only “safe” places that I probably would get raw fish are Japanese grocery stores, ie Yaohan, but it’s so far far far away in San Jose. My Japanese roommate took me there once back in college years, not sure if it’s still there…

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