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Tom's Bday Cake-- San Jose Shark

Tom's Bday Cake-- San Jose Sharks

I did this cake over 2 years ago, just posting it here to be included in my cake decorating profile. I can’t remember what tip and color I used… will have to look closer at the pictures.

Our friend Tom is a big fan of San Jose Sharks, an ice hockey team based in San Jose, CA. So here goes the birthday cake with new logo. I downloaded the new logo from internet then used piping gel transferring technic to “copy” the image onto the cake. Inside was just 2 layers of chocolate cake (Tom likes chocolate cake). This cake was done over 2 years ago– I forgot what kind of filling I used to sandwich the cake layers.  I do remember that I made some rum chocolate fudge on the side to serve with the cake.

Tom's Bday Cake-- San Jose Sharks

Tom's Bday Cake-- San Jose Sharks

Also another note, I thought the cake was kind of “bared” with lots of empty white space on the top so I decided to use some sprinkles the very minutes. I did the sprinkles before heading to the party because I didn’t want to risk the cake stained by the sprinkle colors. I once made some cupcakes with whipped cream topping and sprinkles, and found out the sprinkles stained the whipped cream the next day when I took them to Alexander’s school– not pretty at all!

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