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All Down

Ethan started throwing up last Sunday then diarrhea followed. On Wednesday Richard started his symptoms (vomiting and diarrhea). I got it on Thursday with just diarrhea (cross my fingers). Just when we thought we’re at the end of it, Alexander started throwing up last night… sigh.

I haven’t been cooking for a week. We have been on BRAT diet since the stomach flu started. Now everyone is pretty much sick of toast, saltine crackers, water, banana… Poor little Ethan doesn’t understand what he’s going through and keep crying for foods and milk  that he can’t have.

I really hope we will all recover in a week because we’re hosting a holiday party this coming weekend. It seems that stomach flu is wide spread during this season (some of my friends/ kids’ friends got it too). Take care of yourself and your family as it really sucks to catch a stomach flu especially during this holiday season.

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