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Sticky Rice Kueh

Sticky Rice Kueh

This is another savory kueh that I like. In Hokkien it is called “Pao P’ng Kueh”. Very often this kueh is sold side by side with ‘soon kueh’. This is a steamed kueh. The filling consists of seasoned sticky rice with some mushroom, dried shrimps, peanuts and a bit of preserved veggie ‘mui choy’. Just like ‘soon kueh’,  ‘Pao P’ng Kueh’ tastes good when fresh from steamer, and I like to pan fry the leftovers the next day as the skin will be crispy. The photo above was taken when I made them long long time ago– hmm… maybe it’s time to make them again (will dig out the recipe and post on the blog when I make it next time).


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