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Cheeseboard Bakery is a very famous bakery in Berkeley, California. Their breads are amazing and there’s always a line for their freshly baked breads. Cheeseboard also makes pizzas, and there’s a line too. They only sell vegetarian pizzas, and the menu changes weekly. What’s interesting is that they always give you extra slices of pizzas to “compensate” you waiting patiently in the line (the line sometimes gets long, but it keeps moving). They also give you some spicy green pepper sauce for your pizza… boy, it’s THIS sauce that got me hooked when I had it at the first bite. I bought a container of the sauce, and the family finished it fast! Luckily, I read the ingredient list on the container before throwing it away. Guessing the amount for each ingredients wasn’t that hard with this sauce, and I think I got it pretty close to Cheeseboard’s.

Cilantro Pepper Sauce

Cilantro Pepper Sauce


Cilantro Pepper Sauce


1/2 bunch of fresh cilantro
3 Serrano peppers
2 cloves garlic
1/2 small onion
1 tsp spicy mastard
4-5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
salt to taste


Coarsely chop cilantro, peppers, garlic and onion then put all ingredients in a food processor to blend well. Served with warm flat breads, baguette or even pizzas.

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