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“Rojak” is a Malaysian style salad mixed with a special sauce that made with shrimp paste and among other stuff. The ingredients for the salad itself are usually a combination of sliced fruits and vegetables. Because of added shrimp paste in the rojak sauce, some people may find rojak stinky and fishy, while others like myself think it’s delicious and addicting!

Malaysian Style Salad 'Rojak'

Malaysian Style Salad ‘Rojak’

Rojak Recipe– please note the following is only for ONE serving

Rojak Ingredients:
4-5 thin slices of fresh pineapple
4-5 thin slices of Asian pear/jicama
4-5 thin slices of cucumber
4-5 thin slices of tofu puff
4-5 thin slices of Chinese donut
a few blanched bean sprouts
a few cooked water spinach– cut into 1 inch length

Ground roasted peanuts for sprinkle on top

Rojak Sause (mix well, warm up slightly in microwave to help mixing if necessary):
1 tbsp shrimp paste– see picture below. Available in Asian grocery stores, under South East Asia food section
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 tbsp hoisin sauce
1/2 tbsp honey
1 tsp sambal chili (optional)
5 tbsp water


Toss all ingredients (except peanut sprinkles) in rojak sauce to coat well. Sprinkle ground peanuts and serve immediately.

Shrimp paste for the Malaysian Rojak sauce

Shrimp paste for the Malaysian Rojak sauce

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