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Aromatic Prawns with Pork Floss

Aromatic Prawns with Pork Floss

Pork floss is a kind of pork product although it doesn’t look like meat at all. I think that (but not sure) pork floss is made of marinated pork slowly dry roasted until the meat is breaking apart and eventually become very very fine, just like the very fine fiber that makes up your carpet. Pork floss is a very common side dish to accompany plain porridge; it is also used as topping and/or  filling in breads and buns, or sandwiched with some butter. Here I’m using it in cooking.

The aroma, however, doesn’t come from pork floss but rather from curry leaves, garlic and Thai hot peppers. I love the fragrant smell of curry leaves. It brings out the soul of this dish. While the boys and Richard are going for the prawns, I am usually after the pork floss and aromatic crumbs– they are the best!

Aromatic Prawns with Pork Floss

Aromatic Prawns with Pork Floss. The very fine golden 'hair' is pork floss.

1.5 lbs tiger prawns
3-4 cloves garlic
2 stalks curry leaves
10-15 hot Thai peppers
3-4 tbsp pork floss
salt and sugar to taste


  1. Remove prawn shells (keep the tail) and deveined. Season prawns with some salt and rinse off quickly. Pat dry.
  2. Finely chopped garlic, curry leaves and peppers.
  3. Heat up pan with some oil and saute prawns until just cooked. Dish out.
  4. Saute garlic, curry leaves and peppers until aroma comes out. Return the prawns to the pan and toss to combine. Add salt and sugar to taste. Dish out to a big bowl. Toss in pork floss then transfer to a plate. Serve hot immediately.

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